Hello, and welcome.

You’ve found your way to the utmost corner of film, and way out here on the fringes of the internet we like to live like the cowboys of the Old West – carefree and unbound by the rules of civilised society.

Well… sort of.

A little background

I am a regular contributor to WhatCulture (you can find links to all of my published articles on my twitter, @lordofthegray). Being given the opportunity to earn money writing about film, TV and video games is an absolute dream come true, but association with a company as well-known as WC comes with a handful of restrictions. While these are completely understandable and justifiable, the simple truth is that many of the things I’d like to write simply won’t appeal to a mass audience, and it’s hardly worth spending hour(s) putting together a list or article that will either be passed on, or (most likely) ignored by WC’s audience.

The other reason I have decided to create my own small platform is to allow myself a chance to freely exercise my rapier wit. Naturally, companies with a larger online presence tend to steer clear of riskier jokes, which are usually a staple of my work, so expect plenty of frenetic and occasionally discomfiting writing on Corner of Film.


Yes, it may seem ambitious for a fledgling site, but there will be a few different types of content you can expect to see.

Reviews – These might be of new releases, or they might be of random older movies that I’ve decided to share my belated take on. Unfortunately, you’ll have no way of knowing until it appears.

Lists – Yes, I spend much of my time writing lists already. But these will be lists with a twist – twlists, if you will. They might be a little more out-there than your standard clickbait fare, or they might simply be an indulgent dive into my own personal favourite scenes, titles or characters.

News – While I’m no journalist, I do keep up with what’s going on in the world of Film and TV. As a result, I’ll occasionally be sharing my take on whatever the latest scandal or announcement may be, and there will be relevant articles, lists or reviews to go alongside these hot takes (it’s all to do with SEO and reaching a bigger audience… I don’t really do bandwagons, honest).

VideosI’ll be making occasional videos to go alongside my lists or reviews (mostly as the mood strikes, as I’m no video editor). These will be posted onto YouTube (link when channel is live), but I may well embed them here, too. Who knows?

Rankings – While it may seem to be the same exact thing as a list, I’ll be formatting them slightly differently. My rankings will usually be franchise-specific (i.e. Worst to Bests of the Alien Franchise, Harry Potter, or the MCU), but even this is subject to change. I’m fickle like that.

Unpopularity Content – While the titular pun may be stretched tenously thin, Unpopularity Content will be a truly groundbreaking series in which I defend reviled movies, because there’s enough anger on the internet already, and it can’t hurt to offset that with a little wholesome support for a few of the movies that were flushed down critics’ metaphorical toilets.

I’ll also be constantly working on new ideas and new ways to make this incredibly experimental project as enjoyable as possible for both you and I, as well as approaching guest writers to put their own thoughts and opinions into the Corner!

Never forget, when you’ve got an opinion on something, it’s usually best to just scream it into the corner…