4. Elijah Wood – Green Street (2005)

It’s hard to imagine exactly who it was that signed off on this one, but Elijah Wood has never seemed more out of place than he did in 2005 sport hooligan movie Green Street.

While the idea that Wood’s character – a journalist from a whole different world – could be drawn in by the apparent glamour of football hooliganism in ’00s London is central to Green Street‘s plot, it’s simply too far-fetched to see Wood’s soft features and even softer voice among the brutal violence on display here.

It seems that Wood was only cast to lend the movie a bit of star power across the pond, which was probably a lot to ask considering American audiences undoubtedly got painfully upset by the football/soccer thing.

It’s telling that in a film about large groups of grown men beating one another senseless after watching the football, the most ridiculous thing will always be Frodo Baggins’ tiny little fists furiously flying as he enters the fray.