Recently, we compiled a list of 8 weird things that actors won’t stop doing in movies.

These strange on-screen acts usually span several movies, to the point that it becomes a truly bizarre pattern of behaviour when considered as a regular fixture of their work.

Well, one list wasn’t enough to fully capture the weirdness of actors, so we’ve compiled another, filled with even more of actors’ quirky fixations on oddly specific things.

8. Shia LaBeouf – No! No, No, No, No!

Once one of the world’s most promising child stars, LaBeouf’s fall from grace was monumental. Despite his current reputation being at an all-time low, he was, at one point, something of a Hollywood sweetheart.

His casting as the lead in the first installment of the live-action Transformers franchise certainly helped his career, although it brought more than his face to everyone’s attention: for the film’s length, LaBeouf could be heard shouting “No, no, no, no, no, no!” repeatedly at practically everything that happened.

And it wasn’t just Transformers, either. LaBeouf’s other 2007 releases, Disturbia and Surf’s Up, also saw the actor repeatedly denying that everything around him was happening. From that moment on, the actor’s roles were dogged by this strange and frantic response of disbelief.

(Other examples include Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – A.K.A. the bad one -, Eagle Eye, and Transformers 2 and 3.)

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7. Johnny Depp – Hats

Think of Depp’s most iconic roles: Captain Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter, and Willy Wonka. Now think of some of his other recent movies, like Public Enemies, The Rum Diary or The Lone Ranger. Now, just for fun, think of some of his older films, such as Platoon, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dead Man, or Benny and Joon. What do all these roles and movies have in common?

Depp wears a hat in every single one.

It might seem like something that lies outside of Depp’s control. However, each of his most high-profile roles feature a hat by implication – pirates wear hats, that’s obvious, Gene Wilder’s original Wonka wore a hat, and the Mad Hatter… well that one should go without saying – so maybe it’s not entirely crazy to think that Depp is at least partly behind this.

The exact reason behind the actor’s fixation on headwear isn’t clear – after all, he has a long, healthy head of hair, so surely it’s not insecurity – but it’s extensive, and frankly, a little hilarious.

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6. Tom Hanks – Urination

Easily one of (if not the most) beloved actors of a generation, Tom Hanks has made his mark on Hollywood in a big way. With countless iconic roles spanning an impressive career of four decades, Hanks also has two Academy Awards, 7 Emmys, a Tony and a Bafta to his name.

He also can’t stop peeing in his movies.

In Forrest Gump, Hanks tells JFK that he’s got to go (while physically clutching himself). In A League of Their Own, he lets out an uncomfortably long stream. In The Green Mile, Hanks’ inability to urinate painlessly is a major plot point. In The ‘Burbs (which we reviewed recently, read it here), he pretends he needs to go in order to sneak around his neighbours’ house. In Road to Perdition, he escapes a hitman by taking a leak at just the right time. The Money Pit involves a literal p*ssing contest with a statue. Apollo 13 and Castaway both go to unnecessary lengths to detail exactly how a man would go about urinating in space or on a desert island respectively.

…satisfied yet? ‘Cause apparently, Hanks isn’t.

There’s also a scene in The Terminal where his character desperately needs a whiz, and a delightful anecdote in Saving Private Ryan about a childhood friend who used to spray Vs of urine onto everyone’s jackets.

I think that’s all the examples I can muster right now, but rest assured, Hanks has a lot more in the tank.

(I think that’s my yearly quota for pee jokes all sorted.)

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5. Adam Sandler – Yelling

This one might seem trivial, but if you’ve seen more than a couple of Sandler’s films, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, I love the Sandman. His comedy might be pretty lowbrow, and most of his movies are basically just excuses for him to hang out with his friends, but I’ve got a soft spot for the guy – he’s sweet, he’s funny and he seems pretty down to Earth.

That said, he’s done the same weird yell in practically every movie since his early film success in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The comedian’s trademark screeching is more in line with that of fledgling golfer Gilmore, a sort of belligerent, sneering drone that is (I think) supposed to be funny.

Still, incoherent shouting or not, we love you, Sandman.

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4. Samuel L. Jackson – Rambling M*therf*cking Monologues

Speaking of making a career out of unnecessary shouting…

Samuel L. Jackson is widely known for his proclivity for using a particular term involving the loving of mothers, but he has another cinematic quirk that he indulges far too often.

That, dearest film fans, is incessant monologuing.

Think about it: the iconic scene in Pulp Fiction, the unforgettable moment in Deep Blue Sea (which was almost a much, much longer monologue, apparently), the “enough is enough” speech from Snakes on a Plane, his weird, explosive temper in Unbreakable, or his inspirational take on the importance of education in Coach Carter – all are examples of the actor’s talent for rambling monologues (many of which contain a few “m*therf*ckers” for good measure).

In fact, it’s hard to think about Jackson without picturing a nice long speech where he does that intense eye thing and calls someone… well, you know.

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3. Brad Pitt – Oral Fixation

This is one of those entries that you might not have noticed, and it’s more than likely a little of the actor’s off-screen personality bleeding over into his films. But picture Brad Pitt in a role – literally, any of his roles – odds are, he’s got something in his mouth.

Whether it’s smoking in Fight Club, biting his nails to the point of becoming institutionalised in 12 Monkeys, or licking his fingers a ridiculous amount of times while browsing a scouting report in Moneyball, Pitt just can’t leave his mouth alone. And when he’s not doing those things, he’s eating.

In fact, Pitt eats so much on-screen, that Vulture put together a hilariously extensive list of all the things Pitt has eaten on screen – although it’s been almost a decade since, so there’s bound to be much, much more to add by now.

It’s not entirely clear why directors seem to oblige Pitt’s obsession with putting things in his mouth, but it makes for a pretty funny list entry, so… our gain?

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2. Steven Seagal – Steven Seagal Is…

Close your eyes briefly, and picture Steven Seagal. You were picturing a really uncool ponytail and a handgun, weren’t you?

Well, Seagal does actually have one more trademark, and that is… adding his name to his movie titles.

Instead of cracking jokes, I’m just going to make a list of the funniest examples, and you’ll see what I mean.

Steven Seagal is… Above the Law.

Steven Seagal is… Hard to Kill.

Steven Seagal is… Marked for Death.

Steven Seagal is… Out for Justice.

Steven Seagal is… Under Siege.

Steven Seagal is… On Deadly Ground.

Steven Seagal is… Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

(the above are literally his first 7 film roles, in order)

Steven Seagal is… Half Past Dead.

Steven Seagal is… Out for a Kill.

Steven Seagal is in the… Belly of the Beast.

Steven Seagal is… Out of Reach.

Steven Seagal is… Against the Dark.

Steven Seagal is… Driven to Kill.

Steven Seagal is… A Dangerous Man.

Steven Seagal is… Born to Raise Hell.

Steven Seagal is a… Force of Execution.

Steven Seagal is… The Perfect Weapon.

Steven Seagal is… Beyond the Law.

The saddest part is, this isn’t even all of his films. These are just the ones that best prove the theory that Steven Seagal is… titling his own movies. He’s also in a near identical pose on every poster, pistol drawn, looking off into the distance. Super cool.

My personal favourite that doesn’t fit this pattern is Fire Down Below. Hopefully, Mr. Seagal saw a doctor about that one…

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1. Keira Knightley – Talking Through Clenched Teeth

She might be Hollywood’s go-to actress for literally any historical/period drama, but Keira Knightley also has a weird on-screen habit, and it’s not as obvious as some of the others on this list.

Either Knightley is really annoyed with everyone, or she has a severe problem with her jaw, because she’s constantly talking through gritted teeth.

She seemingly spent hours doing it in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise alone, but really, any time the actress is required to show any emotion other than happiness, the words are filtered through her bared teeth, her jaw jutting threateningly outward.

Now, let’s just quickly say this: the poor woman gets an unbelievable amount of hate on the internet for literally no reason at all – in fact, she’s a brilliant actress and has a wonderful sense of humour – and we at Corner of Film wouldn’t recommend ever bashing someone for the way in which they use their facial features.

In fact, Knightley’s teeth do more than punctuate her every role – they double up as a musical instrument. Weird, right? Let’s see her incorporate that into her next starring role.

That’s our list. If you haven’t already, why not check out our first list on weird things actors won’t stop doing, and don’t forget to subscribe and follow Corner of Film on all the social medias!