4. Chris Pratt

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I love Parks and Recreation. I loved Pratt’s recurring role in the teen drama The O.C., and thought his character was one of the best things about its ill-fated fourth season. His role in Moneyball was well received.

Now that Pratt has found himself a major player in two big-budget franchises, he’s something of a Hollywood sweetheart. It’s understandable: in a matter of years, he went from a chubby everyman to a muscular superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy, and his journey has certainly been inspirational. But is his success entirely indicative of his acting ability?

Pratt is able to successfully pull off comedy, but his new place in Hollywood as heroic eye candy isn’t particularly enthralling, and he rarely dips his toe into more dramatic territory, with his role in The Tomorrow War proving relatively underwhelming.

He does seem like a genuinely nice, funny guy, though, so he gets a few points for that.