8. Spider Baby – Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story is, in every sense, a family classic. It’s loved by children and adults alike, and holds up perfectly even after more than two decades.

When watched through the eyes of a child, though, the scene in which Woody and Buzz find themselves in Sid’s house – someone who’s already been established as being more than a little unpleasant – is unexpectedly terrifying.

With our heroes frantically trying to escape, they find themselves surrounded by Sid’s creations, spliced together from parts of toys (many of which once belonged to his younger sister). The worst part is the Spider Baby, a decapitated doll’s head with one missing eye and eight mechanical limbs, two of which have crab-like pincers on the ends. It’s the Toy Story equivalent of Cronenberg’s body horror, and it has endured as a deeply disturbing moment thanks to Toy Story‘s lasting popularity.