1. Voldemort – Harry Potter

Perhaps the stupidest villain of all time is none other than Voldemort: the hairless, noseless, magical genocidal lunatic responsible for the events of the Harry Potter franchise.

After failing to murder a defenseless baby due to the ancient magic of love, Voldemort spends years attempting to return to power. Upon succeeding, he once again fails to kill a slightly less defenseless Harry, and allows him to escape. The following year, Voldemort fails again to kill Harry – not for lack of trying, either. Apparently, the Dark Lord is just no match for a lone teenager.

However, perhaps the stupidest thing about Voldemort is his apparent lack of understanding of his own Horcruxes. Having split his soul into seven pieces in order to gain a sort of immortality, he makes very little attempt to keep the items storing his soul safe, which in turn allows Harry to destroy them all (bar the one that lives inside of him). Voldemort actually destroys that one all by himself (again, seemingly blissfully unaware of his vulnerability), and then drags Harry’s “corpse” back up to the people who have resisted him in order to show off.

This results in Harry’s return from the dead and one final duel that proves to be Voldemort’s death. His constant arrogance and total lack of foresight are ultimately his undoing, and – as everyone at the Battle of Hogwarts would tell you – he looked pretty stupid as he died.

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