5. Jericho Cane

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jericho Cane in End of Days

Jericho Cane is a man briefly spoken about in the Corner of Film Podcast episode about messianic tropes in film, but his name alone is ridiculous enough to earn him a spot on the list. Undoubtedly named to (maybe subconsciously, but probably not) share initials with Jesus himself, Jericho Cane is the hero of End of Days, a supernatural action horror with serious biblical overtones. Jericho Cane is clearly a name made for a cheap paperback, but instead it was shoehorned into End of Days – presumably because no self-respecting author wanted to use it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role certainly makes it funnier. His characteristic accent makes Jericho Cane seem even more ridiculous, as he’s literally named to share initials with the messiah and he quite obvious has the body of an action hero. Those two factors combine to make Jericho Cane entirely unbelievable as a person, even within End of Days‘ supernatural narrative.

With a name like Jericho Cane, he was also destined to fight Satan. Either that, or he was destined to lead a poorly-written series of action-adventure novels, but End of Days passing into obscurity proved that Jericho probably wouldn’t have had the chops to feature prominently in pop culture. However, End of Days lives on as a reminder that all good heroes are named for not one, but two biblical characters, and that this undoubtedly makes them inherently good.