7. Dr. Octopus’s Super Durability – Spider-Man 2

Another superhero movie, although this time it’s one of the most beloved superhero movies of all time. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy remains one of the best-regarded adaptations of the wall-crawling hero’s story, and Spider-Man 2 is widely considered the best of the bunch. It’s not the titular hero who doesn’t make sense, though, it’s the film’s villain, Otto Octavius.

Doc Ock’s “powers” – so to speak – stem from the four sentient mechanical arms fused onto his body in a failed experiment. These arms are super-durable and super-strong, and they also corrupt Octavius’ mind. This much, at least, is properly explained, and most of the villain’s actions make reasonable sense within the context of the film’s story. However, during a scene in which Doc Ock robs a bank, he’s shown taking punches to the head from Spider-Man and entirely shrugging them off.

Though it’s easy to miss, this actually doesn’t really follow logically. Spider-Man is proven to have enhanced strength, and often takes out criminals with a single punch or kick. As Octavius’ arms haven’t altered the physicality of his human body, a punch from Spider-Man should have done some serious damage. It make absolutely no sense that a flabby scientist with robot arms could suddenly have adapted to absorb punches from a literal superhero. However, as Spider-Man 2 is a classic and realism here would ruin the story, it’s certainly forgivable.