4. Creed III

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed 3

Scheduled release date: 3 March 2023

The Rocky franchise pioneered the sports drama genre, and the Creed franchise is essentially Rocky‘s legacy. They’re the ultimate boxing movies, with every new installment continuing the epic (and occasionally ridiculous) saga of the Italian Stallion and the Creed family, and it seems that Creed III will be no exception. Well, apart from the fact that Rocky reportedly won’t be involved in any way. Still…

Michael B. Jordan reprises his role as Adonis Creed, but he also steps behind the camera to direct. Jonathan Majors will play the antagonist, Adonis’s childhood friend turned unhinged adult rival, with various other familiar faces seemingly poises to return. Fans of the franchise are rightly excited for the next chapter, and it looks appropriately dramatic and emotionally charged.

3. 65

Adam Driver in 65

Scheduled release date: 10 March 2023

What do you get when you combine Planet of the Apes with Jurassic Park? You get 65, the upcoming sci-fi action epic. Adam Driver stars as a man transported back in time and forced to contend with the colossal predators now known as dinosaurs. Though it may sound superficial, Driver is notoriously selective about his roles, so it’s surely something to get excited about it. At least, we want it to be (if only because Adam Driver shooting dinosaurs sounds like an excellent idea for a movie).