2. Gods of Egypt (2016)

Despite having been marketed as a film set in Ancient Egypt, Gods of Egypt is actually set in a fantastical place from “before history” inspired by Ancient Egypt.

With Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), the God of Light, appearing alongside Set (Gerard Butler), the God of Darkness, the movie details the conflict between the two, in which Horus is helped by a mortal, Bek, to overthrow Set and retake his rightful throne.

Missing the entire point of actual Egyptian mythology, Gods of Egypt simply borrowed a few characters, and assigned them roles in the movie that would fit into popular tropes. Then, it delivered an unimaginative, unexciting mess of narrative incoherence.

Gods of Egypt faced backlash for whitewashing its cast of supposedly Egyptian characters, and was also critically panned in practically every aspect. It received five Razzie nominations, and was also a massive box office bomb, proving that audiences will only tolerate so many liberties with their mythological films.