1. Footloose (1984)

A beloved ’80s classic, Footloose stars an impossibly young Kevin Bacon as he dances his way into the hearts of small town America.

To many, the ridiculousness of Footloose‘s premise has long since become just a minor joke, but for a younger audience, it’s a plot device so insane that the entire experience is derailed from the off: shortly after moving to the town of Bomont, Ren (Bacon) discovers that the town has employed a ban on dancing.

Yes, a ban. On dancing.

‘But why a town-wide ban on dancing?’, those uninitiated in Footloose‘s slapdash backstory might be asking.

Well, here’s why. After the heavily intoxicated son of Bomont’s minister died in a car crash, the man blamed a night of dancing for the accident, and had dancing banned from town entirely.

While the motivations and actions of the grief-stricken man make some loose semblance of sense, the very idea that an entire town would consent to a dancing ban is both ludicrous and a really weird set-up for a movie. It also effectively trivialized the idea of drink-driving, so surely that goes against Footloose, too.

Did it work? We’re on the fence here. As a premise, it serves its purpose, but it only works if you can ignore what a weird and outlandish situation the movie chronicles.

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