An update for those following the ongoing hostilities between Warner Bros. and actor Ray Fisher.

This latest development sees the actor posting a short audio clip that seems to lend credence to Fisher’s claims.

The clip, posted to Fisher’s Twitter account, appears to be a conversation between the actor and one of the case’s investigators, in which Fisher is thanked for his actions and the evidence he’s given, going on to vouch for his credibility.

You’ve been a gentleman and I’ll say you’ve been a man of your word. And that is what we have reported to the company. Which is that you told us you’d give us names, you gave us names. You told us you would meet with us on a particular day at a particular time, you never tried to reschedule, you even gave us information after that. You’ve been a man of your word. You’re someone we have found extremely credible. And the fact that you’ve risked so much is part of what lends itself to your credibility. But just also, the facts speak for themselves.

While it is, as yet, unverified, it certainly shines a little more light on the situation, which WarnerMedia dismissed as concluded in a statement earlier this week.

It’s also worth noting that this clip directly contradicts a September press statement from Warner Bros., which claimed that Fisher was unable to provide any evidence for his claims of misconduct.

While the full truth of the matter is yet to come to light, the saga continues to play out in a way that casts aspersions on Warner Bros. and their seemingly dismissive approach to Fisher’s allegations.