1. Michael Caine – On Deadly Ground (1994)

Everyone knows Michael Caine. He’s one of the most recognizable actors in living memory, due mostly to his distinct cockney accent. However, the legendary actor tries to pull off an American accent in 1994 action flick, On Deadly Ground.

As evidenced by his place at number one on this list; he fails spectacularly at it.

Mostly, Caine just sounds like his normal self, with a handful of his vowels stretched out in a painful attempt to sound American. It’s made worse by his character’s fondness for screaming at his underlings, which only highlights just how laughable his American accent is.

It’s bad, sure, but why was it ever necessary? It’s now almost universally accepted that Caine comes with his iconic accent, and his role in On Deadly Ground proves exactly why he should never have deviated from it.

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