Super excited to announce that the first episode of the Corner of Film Podcast is live!

This will be a fortnightly podcast (that’s bi-weekly/bi-monthly, although I hate the terms – they are both, by their definition, ambiguous) so expect a follow up episode in a couple of weeks time!

For now, the podcast will be available on YouTube, Spotify, and Podbean, although in the near future it’ll hopefully be available on Apple Podcasts too!

In this first episode, Niall and Jack discuss the Oscars, being accidentally obsessed with Ed Helms, and pit sixteen sci-fi classics against one another in a cut-throat head to head tournament.

Intro music: “Electronic Vibe” by August Radio Project – found at

E.T.’s funeral music: “The Lost Will Be Found” by Anthony Earls – found at

Listen on Spotify:

You can also follow us and download the podcast on Podbean:…‚Äč

(I just want to add that my ability as a podcaster/editor is a blossoming thing, and I had to learn on the job, so please expect the quality of recordings/sound to improve vastly over the coming weeks!)