It’s spooky season! For the first of two October episodes, Jack and Niall simulate a Hunger Games-style deathmatch at the Overlook Hotel featuring all of your favorite horror movie icons (and two hapless podcast hosts)! There’s also a discussion on recent movie news, including the battle for the rights to Friday the 13th, and a run-through of all of our recent watches.

(I had a lot of fun editing this one and it’s packed with hilarity right to the the very end, so don’t tune out halfway through – it’s worth it, I promise!)

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Podbean and YouTube – it’s also embedded below if you refuse to click links (no judgment here, but seriously, check out the other platforms)!

Intro/Outro – “Electronic Vibe” by August Radio Project – found at (spooky remix by Niall)

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