6. C-3PO’s Golden Appearance

R2-D2 and C-3P0 in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

The Star Wars franchise is beloved, and the most hardcore contingent of its fanbase delight in learning every minor detail about its world. This entry is probably not so much for them, as they could probably recite even the most specific elements of any given character’s design. However, ask your average Star Wars fan to describe C-3PO, one of the franchise’s two main droid characters, and odds are they’ll get it wrong.

The most obvious characteristic of C-3PO is that he’s entirely cover with gold plating (or some gold-colored alloy). In fact, you probably remember seeing him plodding across the screen, flapping his hands helplessly as he prattles on, venting his droid anxiety. He’s made of gold, yes? Well, no – at least, not completely.

That’s because, no matter how hard it is to picture, C-3PO actually has a silver leg. From the knee down on his right leg, C-3PO is silver, and though such an obivous visual element should have been impossible to miss, it’s one of the most commonly misremembered aspects of the original Star Wars trilogy. In truth, C-3PO’s silver leg is so difficult to remember because it was almost always seen reflecting his other gold leg or the sand of Tatooine’s desert, making it nearly impossible to spot.