2. Die Hard (1988)

Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard

As the debate continues to rage about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, let us offer this: who cares? There’s no denying that Die Hard is by far one of the best action movies of all time, and it’s generally enjoyed year-round regardless of the perpetual debate about its festive credentials. With that in mind, here’s why it isn’t a Christmas movie, and why it really doesn’t matter either way.

Die Hard is set at Christmas. For the uninitiated (or those who have been living under a rock), it’s essentially the story of an office Christmas party taken over by terrorists, who are then gunned down by a lone cop sneaking around without any shoes. There’s a handful of Christmas decorations on display, but other than that, there’s absolutely nothing festive about Die Hard that’s worth noting (bar the inclusion of one or two Christmas songs).

Perhaps the real reason that Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie is that it’s an excellent film to rewatch countless times. If a movie is going to work its way into your festive family traditions, it better be one that’s enjoyable year after year, and Die Hard certainly fits that bill. It may not be the most festive of flicks, but it’s a classic for a reason.