1. General Ludendorff – Wonder Woman

2017’s Wonder Woman isn’t a film known for its historical accuracy. With Amazon princesses wandering through World War I’s No Man’s Land and lassos that force people to tell the truth, it’s pretty clear that the film treats history pretty liberally. However, the same can’t really be said for the film’s villain, General Erich Ludendorff: he was, in fact, a German general in the Great War, much as the film depicts.

Danny Huston’s Ludendorff is something of a lunatic hellbent on using chemical weapons to turn the tide of war in Germany’s favor. Though the film’s villain is a truly unhinged and chemically-enhanced madman, the real Ludendorff was less cartoonish. However, the real Ludendorff survived the events of WWI and was a major contributor to the Nazi party’s rise to power, so perhaps he was equally monstrous.

Though the real Erich Ludendorff may not have commissioned experimental chemical weapons and attempted to kill an Amazonian demi-god, he was certainly no saint. Danny Huston’s version of Ludendorff certainly had more to offer in terms of excitement, but the real Ludendorff was a generally unpleasant (and seemingly paranoid man) who helped set the gears into motion for WWII. And, though the movie version was killed by Wonder Woman, the real Ludendorff simply died of liver cancer in 1937. Sometimes, reality is far, far less interesting than the movies.

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