2. After Earth (2013)

2013’s After Earth is not a film that is fondly remembered. Not only is it poorly paced, poorly written, and poorly acted, but it was also disappointing in numerous other ways. It also continued M. Night Shyamalan’s streak of bad movies (which some argue has yet to end).

The film’s trailer follows father and son duo Cypher Raige (Will Smith) and Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) – two of the most ridiculous movie character names of all time – in the far future after they crash-land on a hostile and abandoned Earth. Narrated by Cypher, the trailer shows the pair navigating unforgiving terrain and avoiding monsters. Unfortunately, this wasn’t really indicative of the actual film.

The trailer fails to communicate the minor amount of screentime enjoyed by Cypher Raige, instead implying that he’s the main character. In other words, it does nothing to even hint that After Earth is little more than a Jaden Smith star-vehicle with far less action that the trailer suggests. It also fails to mention Shyamalan’s involvement, making it one of the most misleading trailers of all time.