7. The Ugly Truth (2009)

Probably the least known and most forgettable entry on this list, The Ugly Truth is a 2009 romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Abby (Heigl) is the producer for a morning TV show. She’s your average rom-com “hopeless feminist” (i.e. lonely, desperate, best friend is her cat, y’know, the usual). Mike (Butler) runs his own local TV show, called The Ugly Truth, in which his cynical relationship advice is nothing more than unapologetic misogyny. Abby catches a little of his show and is – naturally – offended, so calls in to voice her objections to Mike’s unpleasant opinions.

The following day, Abby learns that Mike has been hired to do a segment on her show. What follows is a predictable, formulaic romantic “comedy” that’s hardly worth wasting 90-odd minutes of your life on.

Aside from Mike’s numerous problematic diatribes against womankind, there’s also a scene that borrows heavily from When Harry Met Sally, but with the inappropriate factor dialed up to 11. Abby wears vibrating underwear to a business dinner ( I know, I’m confused too), and accidentally kicks the remote into the hands of the child at the next table. When the young boy begins pressing buttons, Abby begins to act… unprofessionally.

Mike notices the child playing with the remote, and realizes that the boy is responsible for Abby’s mounting climax, but instead of helping her, he simply watches the scene play out with a smirk.

It’s certainly in line with his character’s vile personality, but the glee with which he watches Abby writhe as she tries desperately to maintain a professional facade is distinctly uncomfortable, and beyond creepy.