5. The Notebook (2004)

For a time, The Notebook inspired a romantic side in so many, and it was heralded as one of the sweetest love stories ever told. It isn’t, though.

In fact, The Notebook tells the story of a young man who has some real issues with processing rejection.

When Noah (Ryan Gosling) glimpses Allie (Rachel McAdams) at a carnival, he becomes instantly infatuated with her. He asks her to dance, and she declines. Not taking the hint, he invades her personal space and presses her further, prompting her to walk away with her friends to ride the Ferris Wheel.

Not content to give up so easily, Noah climbs the Ferris Wheel to ask her out. She says no again, telling him that she doesn’t want to. He hangs from the Ferris Wheel and threatens to jump off if she won’t go out with him. She screams, and agrees, but Noah doesn’t stop there. He makes her repeat over and over that she’ll go out with him before relenting, in what is one of cinema’s most unsettling “romantic” gestures.

The implications of Noah’s inability to understand the word “no” are both easily imaginable and truly horrific. The pair do eventually find a lasting relationship, but given their beginnings, it’s certainly a lot more than Noah deserves.