5. The Santa Clause

The message: Even if it’s not for you, stick with your job until it changes who you are

Tim Allen is a man who has been through a few career changes. Radio personality, stand-up comedian, drug trafficker, actor… his talents are many. Still, 1994’s The Santa Clause saw Allen step into the shoes of Scott Calvin, who himself reluctantly stepped into the shoes of Santa Claus. And, despite being a family favorite and festive classic, the film does have some pretty unfortunate implications for its impressionable target audience.

When Scott startles a man on his roof one Christmas Eve, he accidentally causes the death of Santa Claus. Unfortunately for Scott, this means he now has no choice but to don Santa’s clothes and finish his work, lest the children of the world go without their presents. Of course, Scott obliges, but he soon learns that in wearing Santa’s suit, he’s signed a contract that makes him the new Santa Claus.

Despite his objections, it becomes clear to Scott that he has no choice whatsoever in the matter, and his physical appearance and even his dietary preferences begin to change as the magic of Christmas takes hold. However, this puts him in a position in which his own preferences are entirely ignored, and he’s forced to stay in a job that literally changes him. Becoming Santa Claus takes over every aspect of his life, and Scott simply has to learn to accept his fate. Isn’t that a nice message for the children?