3. Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

It really is hard to sell any Harry Potter character as an unsung hero – the HP fandom has so thoroughly dissected every facet of even the most minor characters that it’s practically impossible for any of them to be underappreciated.

Still, of all of the many heroic characters in the Harry Potter franchise, Luna Lovegood is one that’s all too often left off the list. The reason why is probably pretty clear: most of the time, Luna seems to exist in her own little universe. Still, whenever the chips are down, Luna proves herself to be as much a hero as any of her fellow Hogwarts students.

Not only does she make Harry feel less of an outsider when he’s ostracized from Wizarding society in Order of the Phoenix, but she also joins his Ministry of Magic rescue mission, risking her life in the process. She also finds and rescues Harry at the beginning of The Half-Blood Prince when he’s laying petrified with a broken nose after a run-in with Draco Malfoy.

Luna may not directly save Harry’s life, but she repeatedly risks her own by remaining loyal to him, and is such a thoroughly wholesome character that she’s more than deserving of the title of “hero”.