5. Tony Stark – The MCU

He may have formed the foundation of the biggest film franchise ever to exist, but Tony Stark is actually not at all the hero he appears to be – in fact, he’s almost a supervillain.

Let’s examine the facts: Tony Stark made his billions creating and selling state-of-the-art weaponry. After a brush with people whose lives had been irreparably damaged by those weapons (yes, bad people, but still), Stark decides to get out of the weapons game. Except, he doesn’t, really: he buuilds the most sophisticated weaponry ever to exist and keeps it for himself and his friends.

From there, Stark continues to hoard world-changing technology as only he sees fit. He allows a child control of his massively powerful technology – something so irresponsible it’s practically criminal in his own right.

Tony Stark isn’t selfish, and he isn’t evil. However, he’s unthinkably rich, and he metes out the fruits of his intellect in a way that only he sees fit. In fact, when he does finally grow a conscience and starts co-operating with the government (in Captain America: Civil War), the plot point is dropped after the film and Stark continues once more hiding his technology from the world. He embodies the wealthy elite, and he keeps all the good stuff back for his friends. He might be heroic, but he’s certainly no hero.