2. Batman

Much like Tony Stark, Batman might present as a hero, but actually, he’s just a billionaire who lords his privilege over the rest of the world.

However, Batman’s strict “moral code” prevents him from killing. What he does instead is simply beating Gotham’s criminals to a bloody pulp and leaving them in agony on the streets. For arguments sake, say they get themselves some medical attention – in America, that comes with a guarantee of years of medical bills, and probably debt (although debt is something that billionaire Bruce Wayne would know nothing about).

Fair enough, these guys are criminals, but Batman does very little to actually help the real issues plaguing Gotham. Instead of dedicating himself wholeheartedly to trying to better society through normal means (like his father before him), he attempts to do it through fear. His adversaries might be criminals, but his scare tactics are brutal, and this paints him as every bit as dangerous as those he’s trying to stop.

Factor in his immense wealth and the gadgets he uses to enable his crusade against Gotham’s less privileged, and it becomes clear that Batman isn’t half the hero he’s made out to be. And if you were desperate enough to resort to crime only to be beaten within an inch of your life by a mask-wearing billionaire, you’d probably feel the same.