Having already covered some of cinema’s most overrated movie franchises and most overrated movies, it seemed only right to take a break from bashing beloved films. Instead, we’re going to give a little love to those less loved franchises that find themselves unfairly judged.

Many of the franchises on this list are often the subject of ridicule from fans or critical panning, but all of them simply don’t get the recognition they deserve. Sometimes, even with the general approval of fans and critics, franchises just don’t succeed in capturing audiences’ imaginations in the way they intended.

While each and every entry on this list has its weaker points, we’re looking at franchises as a whole, and their general treatment by the world at large. Whether they’ve got a genius premise that goes unacknowledged, some underrated actors working hard to bring the story to life, or are simply left out of the conversation surrounding popular cinematic universes, each and every one of these franchises finds itself being severely underrated.

10. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU)

Certainly one of the more obvious entries on the list, the DCEU is now beginning to repair its damaged reputation. However, despite its obvious surface appeal, it remains severely underrated even by fans of its specific superhero genre.

The reason that the DCEU is so underrated is largely down to the overwhelming success of its direct competitor, the MCU. As its Marvel counterpart had a considerable head start on establishing its cinematic universe, the DCEU started with a disadvantage. Its early films were dismissed as transparent attempts to copy Marvel by rehashing well-known superhero origin stories, and its first attempts at superhero team-ups, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, were marred by disastrous fan and critical reactions, and behind-the-scenes scandal.

The saddest part is that the DCEU has a massive amount of potential. With James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad upping the ante for the franchise and an ambitious number of upcoming projects, the DCEU certainly seems to be righting its course, but it’ll need to overcome its poor reputation to achieve any real success.

However, with some of the most iconic comic book characters of all time in DC’s ranks, it shouldn’t be hard for the DCEU to finally start achieving the popularity it deserves.