1. X-Men

Corner of Film’s most underrated movie franchise is X-Men, the adaptation of the Marvel heroes of the same name that predate the MCU by almost a decade.

Beginning back in 2000 with X-Men, the first two entries into the franchise were a hit with critics and audiences alike. The third film, X-Men: The Last Stand, was widely despised, and from there, the franchise went into something of a tailspin attempting to right itself, although it never really managed to. With Mutants now preparing to arrive in the MCU, it seems that the days of the X-Men being a separate cinematic entity are over, but the existing franchise remains severely underrated.

With a sprawling, continuity-bending narrative that has explored multiple timelines and more than one incarnation of several characters, the X-Men franchise is far better than it gets any credit for. Mainstay Hugh Jackman proved just how promising the X-Men franchise was with 2017’s Logan, delivering a nuanced, emotional performance that demonstrated what X-Men could be in the right hands.

Sadly, it seems that the X-Men franchise is doomed to fade away as the MCU incorporates its characters into Disney’s cinematic ranks. But despite the critical panning and years of backlash from fans, the X-Men franchise helped usher in the modern age of superhero films, so it deserves to be afforded a little more respect.

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