8. Indiana Jones

Okay, okay – no one is actively criticizing the Indiana Jones franchise as a whole (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gets regularly dragged, though). The original three films are widely acknowledged as the template for all good action-adventure films, and even the much-reviled fourth film in the franchise has its merits. However, Indiana Jones‘ inclusion on this list doesn’t come by way of it being unfairly criticized, but more because of the way it’s so often left out of the conversation.

In the wake of the modern movie franchise – sprawling, multi-film narratives woven into standalone entries – a franchise as simplistic as Indiana Jones is too often dismissed or forgotten. With its last two installments released 19 years apart, and its fifth set to release 15 years after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it seems that the franchise’s lack of regular new films is its biggest weakness.

However, the Indiana Jones films remain every bit as exhilarating and charming when watched back today. Even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull captures the same adventurous spirit as the original (even if it did feature some poor writing and truly abysmal CGI), and the Indiana Jones franchise deserves far more respect than it’s given when measured against its contemporaries.