Out of the countless actors working in Hollywood to bring stories to life for our entertainment, it’s fair to say that there’s a great many that deserve more recognition than they get.

Whether it’s impressive work ethic, detailed insights, or the simple ability to act, there’s far too much that gets lost in translation before the finished products reach our screens.

So, in honor of those actors that are all too often overlooked, here are 8 of Hollywood’s most underrated stars.

8. Adam Sandler

Image: Netflix

Despite his reputation as a lazily comedic actor guilty of making countless vanity projects simply to cast his closest friends, Adam Sandler is among the most overlooked actors working today.

Yes, he did make Jack and Jill, but he has also delivered multiple performances that belie his criminally under-utilized acting talent.

While he primarily sticks with comedy, Sandler has taken roles in more serious movies such as Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me and Uncut Gems, demonstrating a surprising range.

He might have more than a few stinkers in his back catalogue, but when all’s said and done, Sandler is capable of much more than he gets credit for.