4. Daniel Radcliffe

Image: Umbrella Entertainment

Yes, he was once Harry Potter.

And no, that shouldn’t define his career.

Radcliffe rose to fame as the face of the massively successful franchise, but it’s his work since that’s earned him a spot on this list. He’s an incredibly charming, intriguing individual worthy of far more attention than being “the Harry Potter guy”.

He’s taken roles in some of the strangest movies going, and he always seems to have fun doing so. To name but a handful of his notable performances post-Potter; there’s Horns, Jungle, and Swiss Army Man, and in each Radcliffe has proved himself to more than capable of bringing vastly different characters to life.

Also, for a great (and also underrated) Radcliffe performance, check out Escape From Pretoria – it makes for tense viewing, but it’s an excellent experience.