1. Nicolas Cage

Image: SpectreVision/RLJE Films

With a reputation for pure insanity on screen, Cage is easily the most misunderstood actor in Hollywood today.

Having won an Academy Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas, you’d think that people would accept the man’s talent. But his bizarre energy and willingness to appear in practically every movie that he crosses paths with (looking at you, Left Behind) sours people on the acclaimed actor, and that’s a shame.

Cage’s over-the-top acting stems from his love for old cinema, specifically silent movies in which actors were forced to be more physically expressive. The actor channels this energy, injecting something into his roles that often seems out of place and unintentionally hilarious, but there’s always a method to his perceived madness.

In fact, when you listen to Cage break down his roles and the ideas behind his performances, you realize that the actor brings a singular depth to his roles, and after that, it’s practically impossible not to respect him as an artist.

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