3. Click – Family Comes First

Adam Sandler as Michael in Click dying in the rain

Now that Adam Sandler is finally getting some proper appreciation for his acting talent, maybe it’s less controversial to point out what a good film Click is. Yes, it’s filled with overly juvenile humor, and yes, it’s premise is entirely unoriginal. Putting that aside, though, Click is a film with a clear narrative purpose, and Sandler really sells the emotion in his performance.

After making use of a magic remote to skip through whole portions of his life, Michael Newman finds himself having lost years and suddenly estranged from his family. Desperately trying to win them back to no avail, Michael begins to see signs that his son is starting to treat his wife with the same indifference that led him to lose everything. Frantically trying to warn his son against his actions, Michael suffers a fatal heart attack and dies in the rain, choking out the words “family comes first.”

Honestly, anyone who can watch that scene and feel nothing is made of stone. Alright, Click isn’t winning any awards for overall quality, but the way the story builds to a sudden emotional crescendo is both unexpected and deeply emotional. It’s all the more upsetting for the fact that just a few scenes before, Click was all fart jokes, and the emotional nature of Michael’s sudden death is jarring (and therefore, deeply upsetting).