1. Big Daddy – “I Wipe My Own A**!”

Sonny and Julian in Big Daddy

Adam Sandler’s ability to unexpectedly deliver deeply upsetting scenes is so great that he makes two appearances in this list. What’s more, although Sandler has his detractors, it’s unlikely anyone who has seen Big Daddy will argue this one. Primarily a comedy about a man who suddenly finds himself caring for a child who has nowhere else to go, Big Daddy follows Sonny as he plays father to Julian (all while assuming his absent friend’s identity).

Okay, yes, the whole plot is centered around potentially heinous crime, but its Adam Sandler and it was the late ’90s, so it didn’t matter. After reluctantly bonding with Julian, Sonny finds his web of lies beginning to unravel, and he’s faced with a pretty serious problem. Confronted by the law, Sonny has no choice but to give Julian up, despite the fact that the boy doesn’t want to go.

As Julian is taken away, Sandler’s crying, the Sprouse twins are crying, and the audience is crying. All the while Julian cries out “I wipe my own a**!” in an adorable throwback that only serves to amp up the emotion. It’s a powerfully emotional scene in an otherwise lighthearted comedy, and it’s genuinely one of the most unexpectedly traumatic moments in all of cinema. Even Big Daddy‘s happy ending isn’t quite enough to get past that moment, and that’s why it’s at the top of this list.

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