5. Cars That Don’t Start

Steve Zahn and Paul Walker in a car in Joy Ride

In a sense, this entry is a little more abstract. Of course, car trouble is a real thing that happens to real people every day, and no one is suggesting that it makes no sense. However, the sudden breakdown of a vehicle that worked perfectly fine just hours (or sometimes minutes) before is not quite so commonplace, and that’s why it’s on this list.

For some reason, characters in horror movies who need to make a quick getaway can never get their cars to start. Usually, this is a temporary setback, and the car does eventually start, but the frequency with which it happens and the uncannily unlucky timing of horror movie engine issues make it all the more nonsensical.

Sometimes, horror movie villains sabotage a vehicle to trap their victims, and that makes a little more sense, but not much. The fact that all of these particular villains inexplicably know enough to render an engine instantly useless is a little suspect, but ultimately, the end result is the same. For some reason, cars in horror movies just don’t seem to work properly.