2. Spirits That Latch On To Children Or Toys

Annabelle doll in Annabelle

If using elements of the supernatural was considered nonsense, a great many horror movies would be practically impossible to enjoy. As certain movie monsters have real inspirations, there are many in the audience who fully believe in the power of the supernatural – suspending disbelief is a huge part of the movie experience, so no arguments here. However, there is one particular supernatural horror trope that’s utterly played out to the point that it no longer makes sense: spirits that choose to possess toys.

There are numerous cinematic examples of this, but films like Annabelle and Child’s Play are perhaps the most prevalent. These films essentially follow evil spirits possessing dolls in order to get closer to children (and eventually eat their souls or steal their bodies or whatever evil spirits do). It’s dark and it’s scary, but it’s also pretty dumb when you really think about it.

In real life, the parents of children who believe their dolls are alive would seek psychiatric advice. What’s more, at the first sign of a possessed doll, the thing would be destroyed before it could even bat its freaky fake eyelashes, rendering much of the haunted doll story a moot point. Perhaps more importantly, if these spirits are powerful enough to possess people, getting trapped inside a doll is a pretty stupid thing to do, even if it does make for unintentionally funny horror movie moments and the most frightening type of product placement.