2. Unnecessarily Dangerous Fight – Hancock

Will Smith as Hancock in Hancock

It’s not just the heroes of the DC and Marvel universes that make dumb decisions. 2008’s Hancock introduced the world to Will Smith’s drunken, misathropic superman, and Hancock first appears as practically the poster boy for bad life choices. However, as he meets the hopeful and kind Ray and his family, he begins to see the error of his ways. He also realizes that Ray’s wife, Mary, has superpowers too, and that causes major issues for the pair.

Mary reveals her powers when Hancock tries to kiss her, throwing him through a wall. When a confused Hancock threatens to tell Ray, she chases him through the sky and engages him in a high-profile super-fight that levels chunks of the city. The amount of destruction the pair cause is honestly ridiculous considering the nature of their argument.

Afterwards, they talk it out sensibly (as though they didn’t just destroy half the city), and Mary reveals that the two were once happily married. Of course, there’s more to Hancock‘s story than that, but the idea that Mary would reveal her powers to both Hancock and the world in such a way is more than just dumb – it’s entirely irresponsible. You’d think that a near-immortal superhero would understand the value of human life, but Mary seems to have missed that one.