4. Oz – American Pie (1999)

Chris Klein as Oz in American Pie (1999)

The American Pie movies (the first couple, at least) are the quintessential teen comedies. They’re the sort of raunchy, easy-to-watch movies that found their perfect audience in the late ’90s and early ’00s, populated by characters designed to be as outrageous and hilarious as possible. Anyone who has seen American Pie knows that it has a truly unique atmosphere of hormonal teenage hijinks, and that’s a huge part of its legacy.

Still, there is one American Pie character that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest. Though some characters seem out of place for being too serious or too silly, some simply don’t match the sensibilities of their fellow characters. This is exactly why American Pie‘s Oz seems so strange: in comparison to his friends, he’s far too sweet.

Oz would seem more at home in a proper romantic comedy than he does amongst the debauchery of American Pie. He’s not driven by the same base urges as his friends, and his sense of humor barely matches up. He’s mature and sensitive – a man amongst boys – and that makes him stand out just a little too much.