Batman is arguably the world’s most iconic superhero, but one of his biggest strengths is actually built on a lie. Batman is by far one of the most influential figures in all of pop culture. Though the character has undergone some minor changes over the years, he has remained largely the same since his creation in 1939.

What makes Batman so beloved as a superhero is primarily the more grounded nature of his stories. For example, some superheroes are aliens, and others are gain outlandish superpowers. Batman, on the other hand, is just a man trying to do some good in the world after experiencing childhood trauma. We can all identify with Batman’s crusade for justice, and that’s why he’s the most relatable superhero out there.

Though different takes on the character vary dramatically, there’s always elements of believability in Batman’s story. The Batman, for example, embraces gritty realism, whereas Ben Affleck’s is simply the only true human among superpowered heroes. When compared to other heroes, Batman is always the most realistic, which has always been his biggest strength. However, it simply isn’t the whole truth.

Batman Isn’t The Relatable Superhero He Seems To Be

Ben Affleck as Batman in the DCEU

Batman’s abilities are supposedly within the realms of human capability. Except honestly, they really aren’t: his impossible combination of strength and speed alone is enough to earn an eye roll. Despite his hulking muscular frame, he’s lithe and athletic, sacrificing no mobility for all his mass. That alone is humanly impossible, but we can look even deeper.

As a superhero, Batman is one of the more probable. Even so, he lives on practically no sleep and rarely suffers any significant negative side effects. He’s a master of countless physical and mental techniques, and is knowledgeable on practically every subject known to man. Even if this is theoretically possible for humans to achieve, it certainly isn’t relatable.

The third and final point that proves Batman isn’t a relatable superhero is the biggest. He’s a billionaire, and his incredible wealth directly funds his vigilantism. However, the power his wealth brings actually brings him closer to his superpowered friends than it does to the average human, making him far less relatable than he seems.

Though the character’s plausibility seems to make him relatable, this simply isn’t true. He’s an incredibly privileged human being capable of feats that seem particularly implausible, ultimately making him no less realistic than a man climbing skyscrapers with his fingertips. Though Batman’s reputation as the most relatable superhero endures, it’s actually built upon a lie.