6. George Clooney – Batman and Robin (1997)

Back in the ’90s, George Clooney was young, handsome and effortlessly smooth. So why did he seem so desperately out of place as a superhero in 1997’s Batman and Robin?

It’s most likely down to Clooney’s clean-cut, trustworthy image. He simply doesn’t look capable of harboring a secret identity, let alone one that sees him taking to the street to beat criminals to a bloody pulp, but there he was, throwing down as the Dark Knight.

To be fair to Clooney, half of the issue here was Batman and Robin‘s notoriously awful writing, but even when you take the movie’s subpar execution out of the equation, George still doesn’t quite fit the bill. He’s not quite brooding or mysterious enough to adequately capture the essence of the character, and he’s too relatable to convincingly portray a superhero.