5. Vince Vaughn – Psycho (1998)

Vince Vaughn has cultivated a career out of his easily likeable, fast-talking comedic style, with roles in movies like Swingers, Dodgeball, and Wedding Crashers all furthering his image as one of comedy’s most reliable choices.

Before he’d found his niche as a comic actor, though, Vaughn was strangely (mis)cast as Norman Bates in 1998 shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho.

It’s not hard to understand Vaughn’s willingness to take part in such a big project, and his turn as Norman Bates isn’t totally awful, but it didn’t allow him to tap into the natural charisma that has ensured his Hollywood success. This, combined with the iconic nature of the original film and Anthony Perkins’ Norman Bates, made the 1998 remake a disappointing exercise in futility.

Vaughn can’t be criticized too harshly for his valiant attempt, but he just seems so out of place in the role that it highlights exactly why he was able to go much further in comedies.