1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Junior (1994)

The 1990s was a strange decade, and it was one that saw Arnie cast in practically every role imaginable. While the former bodybuilder might have seemed a little out of place in movies like Kindergarten Cop and Jingle All the Way, there’s no ’90s flick that he belonged in less than Junior.

Playing research geneticist Dr. Alex Hesse, Junior details Hesse’s pregnancy while taking his own experimental fertility drug, the cleverly named ‘Expectane’.

Yes, it’s more than a little weird to watch a young, pregnant Governator delivering one of the strangest performances of his career, but it’s even stranger to see Emma Thompson starring alongside Arnie as fellow geneticist Dr. Diana Reddin (who provides the ovum which is later implanted into Hesse without her knowledge).

While Junior‘s premise makes it sound like a sci-fi/horror fever dream, it soon reveals itself as a romantic comedy, with Hesse and Reddin falling in love and deciding to raise their baby together.

Not to put Arnie down – he’s a world-class action hero, after all – but he really isn’t convincing in a romantic role. In fact, his performance was probably the least believable thing in this misguided romantic comedy, and that’s really saying something.

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