4. Tommy Lee Jones – Batman Forever (1995)

No list of misguided movie decisions would be truly complete without a Joel Schumacher-Batman entry.

Batman Forever was Schumacher’s Dark Knight debut, starring Val Kilmer as the World’s Greatest Detective, Jim Carrey as The Riddler, Chris O’Donnell as Dick “Robin” Grayson, and Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face.

The real issue here is that Jones is far too good an actor to stoop to Batman Forever‘s level, yet there he is, stooping. Due to the bizarre script and… creative character design, Tommy Lee Jones was absolutely awful as Two Face.

The character of Two Face has always been relatively straightforward, but Tommy Lee Jones thrives in more complex roles, where he can deliver subtext and nuance. In his role as a super-villain, the actor had to attempt to channel pure, cartoonish evil, and it simply came off as a huge waste of such a talented character actor.