7. Click (2006)

Image: Happy Madison/Columbia Pictures

Premise: A hard-working architect and somewhat neglectful family man acquires a magical TV remote that allows him to control reality.
Starring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, and Christopher Walken, Click is a singularly odd movie, but the premise is solid: if you could skip through unwanted moments in time, would you? Should you?

While many critics lambasted Click for its borrowing of plot devices from other (and mostly, better) movies, the fact remains that its central premise has undeniable potential.

The decision to make Click a comedy was a little odd, though. The slapstick, gross-out humor does take a fair amount away from the plot’s more emotional moments, although Sandler delivers a solid enough performance to bring more than a few audience members to tears before the movie’s end, so it certainly wasn’t all bad.

Verdict: Click would have worked better as a family-drama, with Sandler’s trademark humour played down. It wasn’t without its high points, but it wasn’t able to live up to its exciting premise.