4. Bruce Almighty (2003)

Image: Spyglass/Universal

Premise: A world-weary, perpetually unlucky reporter complains that God isn’t doing his job properly. God decides to let him try his hand at omnipotence.

Religion is a difficult thing to incorporate into film. It usually creates so much discourse that many filmmakers steer clear entirely, although back in 2003, Tom Shadyac directed this religious comedy starring Jim Carrey.

Being all-powerful isn’t particularly easy to wrap our human brains around, so the promise of seeing a regular man being given Godlike powers is certainly an intriguing one. However, although the premise itself sounds like it may have stemmed from some meaningful philosophical discourse, Bruce Almighty is decidedly less thought-provoking than you’d think.

Bruce Almighty is far too predictable to offer anything much to the discussion it intended to create. Instead, the movie’s message boils down to the old adage that God works in mysterious ways, and it’s not humanity’s place to question faith.

Verdict: Bruce Almighty is far too light-hearted and says far too little to fully capitalize on its solid, thought-provoking premise.