6. The Truman Show (1998)

Image: Scott Rudin Productions/Paramount Pictures

Premise: An unassuming man is, without his knowledge, living his life inside a TV show in which he’s the star, surrounded by actors. Outside the studio, he’s the world’s biggest celebrity.

The Truman show is hard to lock into any particular genre. It is all at once funny, poignant, dramatic and thought-provoking, and just the briefest of summaries is enough to sell practically anyone on the movie’s story. The premise is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, but it also manages to make a statement on mankind’s ever-growing obsession with consuming media and living vicariously through what we see on our screens.

Jim Carrey delivers an understated and thoughtful performance as the eponymous Truman Burbank, which perfectly sells the movie’s uniquely fascinating premise. Had he played it up for laughs, The Truman Show wouldn’t be considered half the film it is, but had a more serious actor been cast in the role, the film likely would have had far less charm. Carrey was not only the perfect choice to bring The Truman Show‘s genius premise to life, but he made sure that the film lived up to every ounce of its potential.

Verdict: The Truman Show works on practically every level, delivering every ounce of emotion and enjoyment that you could possibly hope for.