6. Ben Affleck

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Another actor who has enjoyed a long and storied career, Ben Affleck first found fame in the ’90s, with the success of Good Will Hunting catapulting him to stardom. After that, however, Affleck’s career was plagued by a number of awful movies that seemed to demand just a little more than he could give. This had the unfortunate result of leaving a number of disappointing (and high-profile) credits in his filmography.

While Affleck has mostly turned his hand to directing of late – with far better results – he’s still remembered as something of a leading man. But you’ve only got to look at his most memorable films – Daredevil, Pearl Harbor, The Sum of All Fears, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it’s clear that he’s nowhere near as diverse as he’s considered to be. The strangest part is, Affleck can play against type: Surviving Christmas proved he’s got some impressive manic and comedic chops, but this has rarely been used. Instead, he’s usually cast in dour, joyless, and often lifeless roles, and then slapped with praise after the fact.