4. Tim – Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Arguably most memorable for his totally sweet mullet, John Connor’s street hooligan friend not only saved the future leader of the Resistance, but he also got zero credit for doing so.

Having tracked John into an arcade, the T-1000 is stalking around disguised as a police officer, showing a picture of John to children in hopes of being pointed to his quarry. But, when he shows Tim, the boy simply shrugs him off, then promptly warns John to escape.

To Tim, this was little more than a show of solidarity with his friend against the authorities. But, when you consider that Tim actively lied to a police officer (or so he thought) in order to help his buddy (who grows up to save humanity), his actions actually mean much more. For good measure, Tim also then stands in the T-1000’s way (and attempts to mislead it) in order to give John an extra few seconds to escape.

Tim’s stalling actually saved John’s life, as the reprogrammed T-800 was still only able to save the boy by appearing at exactly the right moment. Even with Tim’s intervention, there was no margin for error – therefore, when all is said and done, John’s mulleted friend effectively secured the future of both mankind and the Terminator franchise. Although, the latter hasn’t done particularly well in the years since, so maybe Tim wasn’t as much of a hero as he seems.