2. Oliver Sansweet – The Incredibles (2004)

Oliver Sansweet is perhaps better known (or maybe not, come to think of it) as the man saved by Mr. Incredible at the beginning of The Incredibles. And, despite mere seconds of screen time, Sansweet’s actions actually shape the film’s entire plot in several ways.

When Mr. Incredible sees a man falling from atop a skyscraper, he leaps into action and catches him. Landing by bursting through a plate glass window, the hero (and Sansweet) stumbles in on a bank robbery being committed by Bomb Voyage. The ensuing battle sees Mr. Incredible joined by Buddy (or Incrediboy), whose interference causes collateral damage to the city, which irks the hero. This is what prompts Mr. Incredible to snap at Buddy, which is later revealed to be the moment in which he decided to become a supervillain.

However, Sansweet’s actions go beyond simply putting the chain of events into motion. After the battle, Sansweet files a lawsuit against Mr. Incredible, claiming that he didn’t want to be saved. This, combined with the damage to the city from the battle, sways public opinion against the Supers and prompts the passing of the Registration Act.

This in turn leads to Mr. Incredible acting as a hero in secret, which also allows Syndrome/Buddy to lure Mr. Incredible (and other Supers before him) to his remote island in order to kill them. Without Oliver Sansweet, it’s possible that the Supers would simply have continued working as they had before, and the events of the film would never have come to pass.