While the release date of any given movie is very rarely left untouched, the last two years have seen unprecedented delays for blockbusters. Despite this, 2021 saw a slew of exceptional films released, and the planned releases for 2022 are equally encouraging.

If the last two-and-bit years have taught film fans anything, it’s that we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for any particular release. So, while it’s entirely possible that any one (or perhaps more than one) of these films could end up being pushed to 2023 (or later), here are Corner of Film’s most anticipated scheduled releases of 2022.

12. Jackass Forever

Scheduled release date: 4 February

After a nine-year break from the Jackass franchise (12 years if you don’t count Bad Grandpa), the boys are scheduled to be back at it again in February.

Despite the publicly-aired issues between co-creator and former Jackass star Bam Margera and the production, Jackass Forever is set to release on 4 February. The film will feature numerous celebrities, including Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, Eric André, Machine Gun Kelly, Francis Ngannou, and Shaquille O’Neal, who will all join the aging Jackass boys as they once again commit various acts of dangerous (and hilarious) depravity.

11. Lightyear

Scheduled release date: 17 June

The Toy Story spin-off is already proving to be somewhat divisive, with some fans believing Lightyear to be an unnecessary origin story for a beloved character.

The Pixar film, currently set to release in the summer, will follow the exploits of the titular fictional human Space Ranger, the in-universe inspiration for the toy of the same name.