8. Black Adam

Scheduled release date: 29 July

2022 will also see Dwayne Johnson join the ranks of the super-powered in Black Adam, a DCEU film centered on the supervillain of the same name.

The film will see Johnson appear alongside Noah Cenineo, Aldis Hodge, and Pierce Brosnan, who will play members of the Justice Society of America, with Johnson playing the archenemy of DC’s Shazam.

While many consider the DCEU so far to be generally underwhelming, Dwayne Johnson’s induction into the franchise is a promising one. By lending his name to the less successful comic book franchise, Johnson has the potential to give it a significant boost – and if early looks at Black Adam are anything to go by, it should be an interesting and entertaining experience.

7. The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Scheduled release date: 27 May

Following delays of almost two years, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is finally set to release in May.

With the series’ voice cast reprising their roles, the film is billed as an “animated musical comedy-mystery-adventure” that will see the Belcher family investigate an enormous sinkhole that appears in front of their restaurant.